Arrival Procedures

Hours of Operation

  • School Hours

    Monday – Friday
    8:10 AM to 2:30 PM

    Students will NOT be allowed into the school building before 7:40 AM


  • Office Hours

    Monday – Friday
    8:10 AM to 3:30 PM


Line-up Procedures


Parents/guardian of Pre‐Kindergarten students bring their child to the 57th street entrance. They will be greeted by staff members who will escort them to line‐up in the auditorium, starting at 8:00 AM.

Kindergarten through Grade Five:

Upon arrival, students in the elementary school will enter through the main entrance, pass through the dining hall and assemble in the schoolyard at their designated area. During inclement weather, students in kindergarten through grade four will assemble in the auditorium and students in grades five and six will assemble in the third floor gymnasium.

Grades Six through Eight:

Middle school students will enter through the main entrance, pass through the dining hall and assemble in the schoolyard at their designated area. During inclement weather, students in grades five through six will assemble in the third floor gymnasium and students in grades seven and eight will assemble in the dining hall (7th & 8th grade students may access their lockers at 7:55 AM and may proceed to homeroom at 8:00 AM).

Dismissal Procedures


Pre‐Kindergarten through Grade Five: Students are dismissed at 2:30 PM in the schoolyard by their classroom teacher. (K‐2 in the “well” area, 3‐5 through the auditorium exit). Please arrive early for dismissal pickup. In the event that a parent/guardian is late, school safety personnel will direct parents/guardian to the family room.

Grades Six through Eight: Sixth grade students are dismissed at 2:30 PM into the schoolyard through the dining hall exit, while seventh and eighth grade students exit at 2:30 PM through the 56th street doors.

BUS STUDENTS: Children are picked up from their classrooms and brought to the auditorium or dining hall. They will be arranged by bus group and escorted directly to their bus by school staff members.

Please be on time to meet the bus at your child’s bus stop. Attempt to meet other parents/caregivers/guardians at your child’s stop and exchange contact information. If no one is at the stop for pick‐up, the child will remain on the bus until the driver can return the child to school. If school personnel are no longer at the school, the driver will take the child to the 66th Police Precinct located on the corner of 59th Street and 16th Avenue.

If your child is not going to ride the bus on a particular day, a note must be sent into school requesting that your child not ride the school bus on that day. Verbal communication requesting this will not be accepted. Only written communication will be accepted.

EARLY DISMISSAL: A written request from the parent/guardian must be sent to the classroom/homeroom teacher to ensure adequate notice and preparation for dismissal. A parent or guardian must be present for the release of his/her child from the school by signing them out in the main office. Have your child’s official class number/homeroom so he/she can be easily located. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OR IF A CHILD IS SICK, STUDENTS WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO A PERSON OF LEGAL AGE WHO IS LISTED ON THE EMERGENCY BLUE CARD AND PRESENTS PROPER IDENTIFICATION. A STUDENT CANNOT BE PICKED UP FOR EARLY DISMISSAL BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE PARENT/GUARDIAN UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY OR IF THE CHILD IS SICK.

If a student of the SEEALL Academy is attending a sibling’s Kindergarten Stepping Up or a 5th Grade Moving Up ceremony and will not be returning to class at the conclusion of the ceremony it is extremely important that the parent/guardian sign each child out in the main office.