Enrichment Offerings

Our SEEALL Program

The SEEALL Academy engages its students as active participants in the learning process. A unique partnership is formed with the teacher, the student, and the parent. This in turn instills and nurtures leadership among its students, preparing them for a successful future.

Advanced Placement Courses
This program offered to students in grade 8 have the opportunity to earn high school credits in various departments. Students take an accelerated course in middle school aligned to high school-level standards, culminating in a Regents, in June immediately following the course. These students earn credit after passing both the course and the assessment. These course are only offered to students in our accelerated program.  Students are selected at the end of 7th grade.

Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence
The Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School Award is a recognition program for schools of excellence. Schools are identified and selected for this award based on achievement of excellent performance in all nine major categories of the Blueprint for Excellence assessment.

Complete List of Enrichment Offerings:

  • Dancing Classrooms: Students in Grades 1, 2, 4, and 5 participate in the “Dancing Classrooms” program.  Our mission is to cultivate essential life skills in children through the joyful art and practice of social dance. With the vision to create schools and communities where every child is connected, respected and given an environment in which to thrive.
  • Archon Society:  Archon Society is an organization that strives to develop student leaders by fostering student service within the school community.
  • Arista Society: Arista is our National Junior Honor Society for our students who uphold and maintain the four essential principles- character, scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Cadets: The Cadets are the SEEALL Academy’s own rendition of a Junior ROTC Program.  This program models exemplary behavior and serves the school community.
  • Chess Enrichment: Students learn to play chess or improve their chess skills by learning new tactics and strategies. Students are encouraged to test their skills by attending chess tournaments.
  • Chess Club/Team: Chess Club/Team is a group of students committed to playing competitive chess and continuing to learn more about the game. Students compete in tournaments for our school. Students receive weekly instruction from a Chess in the Schools instructor. Students are eligible to apply for the Chess in the Schools College Bound program in eighth grade to continue their chess education and receive college preparation.
  • Chorus/ Dance Spectaculars is a program that offers students that are interested in performance art the opportunity to work on their vocal, dance, and theatre art talents. The chorus performs at monthly assemblies, Town Hall, graduation, winter, and spring concerts, as well as, various community events. The Spectaculars highlight performances at our school events, as well as assemblies, Town Hall, and the winter and spring concerts.  The Spectaculars are known for our own rendition of the Radio City Rockettes Holiday Performance.
  • Community Service: Our community service program fosters leadership and enables students to volunteer and engage in community service.  Students participate in activities, such as recycling, toys for tots, senior community visits, food pantry visits, student leadership, and other various activities.
  • Leadership: This program is offered to our 7th & 8th-grade students. The Executive Student Leadership is an inclusive school organization that strives to build student leaders through a program that allows students to explore interests, experience multiple cultures, learn important life skills, and discover their potential as leaders.  Through a series of trips and workshops, students gain insight into leadership roles and concepts, with the goal of developing their own leadership styles.
  • Football Program:  The Football program offers students an active, fun, and competitive outlet for their school day.  The program provides a healthy lifestyle through team building, character development, and sportsmanship in an environment that is supportive of their individual needs.
  • Graphic Novels:  The Graphic Novels enrichment is offered as a creative outlet where the students can learn to read, write and draw their own stories. As a class, the students read and study works of classic literature and history in graphic form both to introduce them to these titles as well as enhance their understanding of the written word in the many different styles it can be expressed. We compare such works to the foundation of comics as a visual medium and delve into character creation.
  • Green Team: Our Green Team keeps our planet clean by promoting recycling and garbage reduction school-wide. Classrooms and the cafeteria have assigned Recycling Rangers who monitor recycling daily. The Green Team Cabinet, run by student leaders, meets regularly to plan the duties of our Rangers, updates our Green Team bulletin Board, and writes sustainability grants. Rangers also participate in waste and recycling audits, analyze data that they collected in classrooms, and provide guidance to students to improve sustainability practices. Green Team membership is voluntary, and students are enthusiastic about joining.
  • Hands-on Science: The Hands-on Science course allows students to gain knowledge in physical science, biology, electronics, chemistry, and robotics by designing and performing experiments.  They gain leadership skills through hands-on inquiry, working in teams, often using scientific tools during their study.
  • Lego Robotics: The SEEALL Robotics classes implement student learning through guided lessons. Students build robots that have been assigned to them, along with writing the programs (coding) during class time. Once programs have been written, they are downloaded into the robots. This ensures that the task given was completed. Each student has specific responsibilities; those responsibilities alternate to ensure each student will learn all the multiple phases of robotics. Students in the middle school teach 4th graders once a week during Robotics class. The middle school students become educators by helping the elementary students understand this innovative subject matter.
  • Band: Our Symphony Orchestra program provides students with exposure to various musical instruments.  Students have the choice to pursue the study of an instrument.  With practice and training, students could highlight their talents at the winter and spring concerts, monthly assemblies, Town Hall, and other school-wide events. Students practice violin and perform with our violin ensemble at assemblies, special events, and our school-wide winter and spring concerts.
  • Theatre (FIAO Enrichment): The Performing Arts program offers students opportunities to participate in various aspects of theatre.  Some opportunities include acting, technical theatre, set design, creative movement, and dance.  The school performs an annual spring musical on an audition basis.
  • Physical Education: The SEEALL sports enrichment provides students with the knowledge to practice physically fit and healthy lifestyles.  Various activities include competitive team sports, as well as, several cardiovascular endurance activities.
  • Student Council: The SEEALL Academy Student Council’s main purpose is to develop positive attitudes and good citizenship.  Student government helps to foster learning leaders throughout our school community.  It also establishes a rapport between members of the student government and building leadership; this creates positive school morale and a harmonious environment for learning.
  • Technology: Our technology program is student-oriented and facilitated, with the supervision of an academic advisor.  Students utilize and learn about technology software, current events, and assist the school community with technological concerns.
  • Art: Our Visual Arts program provides students with the tools to create original artwork using various mediums.  Many pieces are highlighted throughout the building, as well as our various art shows, including our theatre productions, and spring art shows.  Students have also designed and painted murals facilitated by an academic advisor.
  • Student Activities: The yearbook enrichment has the primary goal of producing a chronicle of the eighth-grade academic year.  The yearbook staff is responsible for the thematic layout, photo content, and composition of the yearbook.  The students gain a sense of ownership, responsibility and build teamwork skills by developing the yearbook.