FIOS After School Programs

Dear Parents,

We sincerely hope that you and your whole family are safe and well during this unprecedented time.  We know things have been very different with work, school, and life overall. But our hope is that we all will get through this together soon.

FIAO Afterschool will also be different this year in terms of how to apply. We used to have all parents fill in paper applications and submit them to Mr. DeCarlo. However, FIAO applications are now online only. The online application will allow you to properly enroll your child, or children into our program. Every child will have to be enrolled, even if your child has been in the program before.

The website to start the application will be posted on the school website, SEEALLACADEMY.COM as well as on Instagram (theseeallgram). There will also be a tutorial that you can follow on both.

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If at any point, you need any assistance, please contact Mr. DeCarlo at



Wendy Salvato
FIAO Program Director @ 180