Teacher Resources for Online Learning

Please use the list of resources below as a way to bolster your online teaching skillset and build a better digital classroom for your students.

Assignments & Grading on IO Classroom

Create A Quiz with Google Forms

Using Google Meet In Your Classroom

Create Editable Google Docs for Students

Adding Co-Teachers on IO Classroom

Using “Questions” on Google Classroom

Video Tutorials by Mr. Moy

Check out some video tutorials to help you set up your remote learning with new educational tools today! Produced & narrated by the great tech wizard, Bobby Moy.

BrainPop Tutorial Link

BrainPOP Setup
Video Tutorial by Mr. Moy

Newsela Tutorial Link

Newsela Setup
Video Tutorial by Mr. Moy

Pearson Realize Tutorial Link

Pearson Setup
Video Tutorial by Mr. Moy

DOE Student Account Tutorial Video Link

DOE Student Account
Video Tutorial by Mr. Moy

Imagine Learning Logo

How To Access Imagine Learning

Both students and teachers need to go through the following website to do this:

All students need to log on for the first time is their name and DOB.

When they enter that information, they will be issued a new LOGIN and prompted to create a NEW PASSWORD.

IMPORTANT: If your students had access to ImagineLearning before remote learning, those credentials are no longer valid.

IMPORTANT: First time login instructions are available in 15 languages.

Teachers: You can also log on to ImagineLearning as a teacher. You also need to use the above website and follow the directions. You will be prompted to use your DOE credentials for access.

How To Access Imagine Learning PDF

Imagine Learning Access Guide

IXL Quick Start Guide PDF Link

IXL Quick Start Guide

How To Set Up IXL Learning

Standards-based skills practice for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies Levels PreK and up!

Look for a “Welcome to IXL” email from IXL dated March 24. An account has been created for you with your students (classroom/core subject teachers only).

Out of classroom teachers may make their own classes and use the school roster. Your students can start using IXL immediately!

STUDENT USERNAMES: firstname+firstletteroflastname+last four digits of OSIS@seeall

Getting your students started is simple. Just select Roster from your account menu in the upper-right corner and confirm your student list. There, you can also print or e-mail student usernames, or send a letter to parents to encourage family involvement.

Your students can start using IXL immediately! Be sure to have students sign in every time they use IXL so they can receive personalized content and you can track their progress. Your IXL account offers unlimited access to IXL Analytics, with real-time monitoring and insights into student trouble spots and class performance, so check in often!