The SEEALL Academy – School Overview

The SEEALL Academy PS/IS 180, is a combined elementary and middle school situated in a large, five-story building that it shares with PS 231, a District 75 school for students with special needs. Located in Borough Park, a neighborhood with many Orthodox Jewish families who choose to send their children to religious schools, the SEEALL Academy regularly accepts students from other parts of District 20 who live far from the school. The school hosts the SEEALL (Students Educationally Enriched as Learning Leaders) enrichment program and offers a variety of artistic and other enrichment activities.

A Welcoming Learning Environment

SEEALL has a friendly tone, with more than 90 percent of students reporting that they feel welcome at the school, according to the 2011-2012 Learning Environment Survey. The schools Quality Review highlights the trusting and nurturing relationships between students and their teachers and reports that students are engaged and invested in their learning. More than 80 percent of students report that their teachers inspire them to learn. All students from pre-k through 8th grade follow a dress code, including special attire on days when there is an assembly.

Artistic Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in the arts. The school boasts a full-time dance teacher, two music teachers and two visual arts teachers, according to the Annual Arts in Schools Report. Students in grades K-8 take general music and visual arts classes, and students may also elect to participate in the school orchestra, jazz ensemble, chorus, and theater program. Middle school students may study Chinese, Italian, French or Spanish. They may also take Regents classes in Earth Science and Integrated Algebra.

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