State Accountability Waiver Public Survey

As per the press release from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) on November 4, there is an opportunity for the school community to take this State Accountability Waiver Public Survey and provide input on a potential waiver request to the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). The request is related to making school and district accountability determinations based on results from the 2021–22 school year. NYSED will collect responses through November 19.  The survey is anonymous and optional to complete. For question, please email

Check Your Child’s State Test Scores

You can now check your child’s State test scores through the NYC Schools Account Parent Portal.

If you’re already signed up, just log in at and click on Assessments.

If you’re not already signed up…Let’s get you signed-up for your NYC Schools Account! Please read the signed-up instruction on this file,

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program

This program provides families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to save for and invest in their children’s futures. It is a scholarship and savings program designed to make college and career training more accessible for public school students.

Please click here to learn more about this program.

Mandated Flu Awareness Posters for Schools

Pursuant to Section 613 of the New York State Public Health Law, all schools are now required to post flu educational material in plain view throughout the school building. You should print and post these fliers in places where students’ families can see them, such as drop-off entrances and exits. You can also email or backpack these fliers home to families. For questions, email  

The General Response Protocol (GRP)

GRP parent letter

GRP Summary

NYC DOE Family Letters

Please click the links below to open the NYC DOE family letters.

NYC DOE Family Letter, September 13, 2021

NYC DOE Family Letter, September 10, 2021

Free COVID-19 Vaccines for All New Yorkers Aged 12 and Older

As you might be aware, all New Yorkers aged 12 and older can now receive a free
COVID-19 vaccine. This is great news for the health and safety of your child, your family, your school community, and the whole city!

Please click here to open the vaccine family letter and the COVID-19 Immunization Screening and Consent Form.

COVID-19 Student Testing

If you do not want your child to participate in random surveillance testing do not submit consent. If you consent, your child will receive a free diagnostic test for the COVID-19 virus. Collecting a specimen for testing involves inserting a small swab, similar to a Q-Tip, into the front of the nose and/or collecting saliva (spit).

For more information about the COVID-19 student testing, please go to

The DOE Homecoming 2021 Health and Safety Guide for Families

It includes the latest health and safety precautions that will be in place to provide a safe and healthy in-person learning experience for all students. Please click the image below to read the PDF file.

Here are the links to open the PDF files in different languages:

EnglishSpanishChineseBengaliRussianUrduArabicHaitian CreoleKorean, and French.

Wide Open Schools Family Resources

The Wide Open School website provides learning activities for students to complete independently at home, or with their families. Activities are available in all subjects and grades, and in all languages via Google Translate. Families can use the information to do the following:

  • Access an overview of the units their children are studying throughout the year, in grades K-8; high school units will be added soon.
  • Engage with their child on what is taught at school;
  • Find support for learning at home, like tips for keeping children focused, as well as information about using online learning tools;
  • Assist with conversations at parent-teacher conferences;
  • Locate afterschool activities.

Parents of Students with IEPs

IEP information in NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is available again for families after previously being removed from the application.

By registering for a NYC Schools Account (“NYCSA”), parents and guardians can view student report card grades, attendance, class schedules, health data, assessment data, graduation and promotion status, transportation information, and authorized guardian contact information. This application can be accessed through any Internet-connected device (such as a computer or smartphone) by visiting, the NYCSA home page. It is available in ten languages.

Parent Resources for Online Learning

Please use the list of resources below as a complimentary source of material for your child’s online learning progress.