National Middle School Chess Championship

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I would like to share with you some exciting news! Our chess team attended Nationals in Round Rock, Texas, and I am so proud of their stellar performance in all categories:


Team Awards

Under 1400s: 1st Place (for the second year in a row!)

Under 1100s: 2nd Place

Under 900s: 4th Place


Individual Awards

Under 1700s: 3rd Place-Jonathan Zheng

Under 1400s: 9th Place-Justin Zheng, 10th Place-Nathan Chen

Under 1100s: 15th Place Tie- Hao Bin Chen and Brian Xu


This was one of the most highly competitive middle school Nationals, with over 1200 players and 427 teams from 32 states.

This performance would not have been possible without the support of our Chess in the Schools Program, led by Yury Lapshun and our teacher and Chess Coordinator, Bobby Moy.

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