MS Arts Audition Boot Camp 2023

Program Description: Middle School Arts Audition Boot Camp is a free, two-week arts program for New York City Department of Education public school students entering grade 8 in September 2023. This intensive program will be an “in-person” camp this summer. The NYCDOE Office of Arts & Special Projects administers this program in collaboration with a group of leading cultural organizations: Lincoln Center, Weill Institute of Music at Carnegie Hall, Harlem School for the Arts, NY Philharmonic, Studio in a School, and Julliard. The goal of the program is to provide equity and access in preparation to screened NYCDOE arts high schools and arts programs for up to 350 currently Title I middle school students interested in auditioning for a screened high school arts program.

Dates: July 31 – August 11, 2023
Additional Follow-Up sessions in the Fall 2023 prior to High School Auditioning and Screening season (dates to be announced and subject to Chancellor Regulations)

Final MSBC 2023 Application

Final MSBC Online 2023 Instructions

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