Enrichment Programs

The SEEALL Academy offers a wide variety of elective enrichment programs for it’s middle school students. These offerings allow students to take an active part in shaping their educational curriculum around their own individual interests.

Our enrichment programs range from arts and creative, to technology and robotics classes. Students are encouraged to find a program that will suit their interests and continue to challenge them academically.

The SEEALL enrichment program is a highly-structured program designed to cultivate academic and arts achievement, leadership, self-esteem and collaboration.According to the school’s PTA president, the SEEALL program operates in about three classrooms per grade, in grades K-8.

Students are expected to learn leadership skills and take an active role in the classroom through projects and class discussions. SEEALL also hosts the Superintendant’s Gifted Program for students in grades 6-8, and there are one or two gifted classes per grade in the middle school, depending on the year.

Content provided via InsideSchools.org